Moving to North Carolina?

Moving your family to another town or state can be a life changing event. 5 years ago, after many months of research, my husband and I packed our belongings into a tiny U-Haul trailer and made the long journey to beautiful North Carolina. For us, moving to North Carolina was, without a doubt, the best decision we’ve ever made. This is why we are so passionate about helping others move here and pursue their real estate goals.

We also know that moving to a new area can be tough, especially when you aren’t familiar with the city or its neighborhoods. We’ve created these Relocation Packets to make the move a bit easier. We also do video tours for any of our out-of-town buyers that can’t be present for in-person tours. If you ever have any questions about the area, reach out anytime. We love to talk about our wonderful state!

To see our relocation packet, choose a location or email Haley Smith at If you have questions about the area, call or text Haley anytime at 980-636-3864