5 Tips to Beat Cabin Fever


5 Tips to Beat Cabin Fever This Winter

Let’s beat these winter blues!

Haley Bowen | January 20, 2021

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1. Hunt down that light

Shorter days and lack of exposure to natural light is one of the major reasons behind winter blues. To start your day of right, open your blinds to get access to natural light while your body is waking up. Light therapy can also be beneficial. Take advantage of a light therapy box throughout the day. They’re now common enough that people use them in the office. 

2. Connect with nature

Start your day on your porch, with a warm coat and your morning coffee. Brief periods of cold are believed to strengthen your heart! Invest in various essential oils and a diffuser to bring the smells of spring back to your home. Citrus and lavender are great choices to remind you of warmer days. If DIY is more your thing, make your own scent by boiling orange peels with a bit of water. Your home will be filled with citrus smells in no time!

3. Focus on hobbies

If you haven’t made the decision to start a new ‘covid safe’ hobby, now may be the best time. Online activities are often very popular in the winter. Try your hand at online gaming – invite your friends to make it even more fun! Gaming is a great way to strengthen your bonds with friends that you’ve dropped out of touch with this year. If gaming isn’t your thing, search Facebook for any local hobby groups. Many cities have gardening groups that are active even in the winter. Make some new friends and start planning your spring garden! Seedlings can be started around February so this is a great time to start planning!

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4. Make goals and plan for the future

Winter is a time for contemplation. While you are stuck inside, work on your goals. Start working on that novel you’ve always wanted to write or start that bathroom renovation you’ve been putting off. Being productive helps the time pass – spring will be here before you know it! Also, winter is a great time to knock out those projects so that your spring can be filled with fun! 

5. Remember that hope is on the horizon

We know that things are tough right now but hope is just on the horizon. Let’s move through this phase with ferocity and perseverance and maybe we’ll come out a little stronger and a little better than we were before. Remember, normal life gets a little closer every single day. 

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