Charlotte Area Pre-Market Listings

Let us give you a step-up in this tough market.

One of the biggest challenges in real estate today is figuring out how to win an offer – WITHOUT paying thousands $$$ over asking price. If you’re losing out on homes you love…we strongly encourage you to sign-up to receive a list of pre-market listings in the Charlotte market. 

What are pre-market listings and how do they help me?

  • Pre-market listings are homes that haven’t officially hit the market yet.
  • This is an exclusive list. We spend many hours a day connecting with Realtors across Charlotte to compile a complete list of pre-market homes. 
  • Get a better deal. Since many buyers don’t have access to pre-market listings, there is less competition for homes in pre-market status.  Less competition can oftentimes equal a lower sale price. 
  • Pre-market offers have a good chance of winning! One of the many reasons why sellers accept offers in pre-market status is to avoid having to open up their home for showings. When you offer in pre-market status, you already have a huge advantage over other buyers. 

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